Saturday, May 06, 2006

Met a Gypsy today

First time i experienced one. Evil looking bitch she was.

She comes outta nowhere and hangs a lollipop at the top of my top, like how you hang sunglases at top of your top. She then HUGS ME lightly, and starts wafffling on about children charity and poor children and whether i would like to donate. All with this huge evil witch smile.

So i asked her for some ID of what charity she's with and she just waffles on more about poor children with that evil fucking smile.

And i told her i don't donate to people without any ID, she snatched the lollipop back and walked away!

Evil witch bitch (I checked my pockets after in case she nicked anything while hugging me with her witch arms)

I should have shoved some chevro down her top and told her i'm collecting for poor Gujarati children. See how she likes it.