Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It Looked The Same!

Earlier tonight, my dad dropped me at sainsburys to do some shopping while he parked up and waited outside somewhere.

So i finished my buying, came outside, had a glance around for the car, saw it up this dark road across the road, and made my way there. The engine was already on.

So i opened the back door, threw my shopping bags on the back seats, and I'm about to shut the door (so i can get in front seat) when i hear a confused sounding "ERR... SORRY..."

So i bent down and glanced inside to the driver seat and see some big African dude sitting there! Shocked

So i apologised and told him my car is the same one and walked off. He found it funny though and made some joke about swapping cars or some shit, while i walked ahead and found dads car about 10 cars ahead.

He looked a lot like Guy Goma!!

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