Saturday, June 17, 2006

Exam results

Oh yes! I got them. My cousin checked for me back in the UK and texted me them. I'm very pleased. i thought i did quite well, but i did even better. I've surprised myself cos i was a bit low on iron during the last 2 weeks of revision and kept taking a few naps per day and only really got going in revision on the day before the exam. But luckily i attended nearly all lectures and so it was just a case of recapping everything.

I got the best mark on the exam i thought did the worst in, and the worst mark on the paper i thought i probably did the best in. Very strange.

4 exams, 65%, 70%, 79%, 83% ! Taking coursework into account, the 2nd year has finished at 72%, i'm on course for a 1st ! Woooooop. Altho this year was only worth 25% of degree. Final year is worth a huge 75%. So i still need 70% in the final year to get the 1st.

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  1. Did you get a first in the end?