Monday, November 22, 2010

My Twenty Seconds of Fame

I'm watching Football Focus on Saturday morning (a popular national show about football on terrestrial tv). I notice the two guests are Mark Lawrenson  and Martin Keown (Arsenal legend!!) sporting a new shaved head look. So I randomly post the following tweet along with a picture.

About 10 mins later, this happens...

Dan:    Talking about haircuts, we've had this tweet in from neo peo. You'll like this Martin. *reads tweet*

Martin: Well that's very kind of him! :-)
Mark:   Scuse me scuse me. Oozit from??
Dan:    neo peo
Mark:   NEO.... PEO.... wossalldattaabouutt??? :-|
Martin: He sounds a bit wrong doesn't he! :-D
Mark:   The world's gone mad. 
Dan:    Lawro's not really up with twitter.
Mark:   No. :-|

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