Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coco Jambo

Most of you should remember this song. I was looking online for an unlikely meaning behind the lyrics and came across a random comment from someone who made up his own meaning:

Lets have some fun with this.. Coco Jambo is a hot hot HOT smooth talking, man with some killer dance moves; he's a ladies man and nothing less. The worst part is that he's hot and he knows it.. BIG ego.. obvously! 

Ya ya ya coco jamboo
Ya ya yeah
Ya ya ya coco jamboo
Ya ya yeah
Sing it everybody

Regardless of his ego.. what can I say.. ladies love him! They all fall into this purely euphoric state every time CoCo Jambo even looks their way, and he's so amazing that once you dance with him, he's got you hooked in the worst way. Your emotions run wild as you feel as though your are taken out of this world into a fantasy-like dream. When you come back down from a high like this there is no better feeling. PURE infatuation at its finest

Put me up, put me down
Put my feet back on the ground
Put me up, take my heart and me happy

In an attempt to seduce CoCo Jambo in return, the ladies play into their sexiest personas and stroke his ego by whispering his name as they come close together. He responds by pulling them even tighter and making them feel like they are goddesses.. they scream and shout with excitement and joy and he twirls them around. Now, for the story line's sake, if you call a man Columbo, it's like the biggest ego stroke a man can get. Co Co Jambo craves this type of attention; in fact, it is Co Co Jambo's mission in life as far as his status and ego is concerned to make every lady think of him as the sexiest man alive. 

As we get close
You whisper "coco"
I hold you in my arms and you say "jamboo"
Scream and shout, turn and say "columbo"
Now I gotta go so coco

Leaving so soon though Co Co?? OF COURSE! He's a ladies man! It's on to the next woman once he gets what he wants and has his way with them. The ladies are nothing but a delicious "treat" to him that he can have when he wants.. satisfying and gone when he's finished.. she starts whispering his name with desire and instantly satisfies him..

When I hold my baby tighter she says i do it nicer
i like my chicken with rice and lemonada
and That's what you get when she shouts out jamboo
Now I gotta go so coco

Oh and you betcha he's conceited.. basically he's thinking to himself in third person: Alright.. now that she's absolutely into me and I got what I want, it's time to go to the next one.. so Co Co, lets go!

But do the ladies care?? HELL NO! He's Co Co Jambo! And they join in singing..

Ya ya ya coco jamboo
Ya ya yeah
Ya ya ya coco jamboo
Ya ya yeah

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