Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Dad the Super Hoarder


My dad is a super hoarder and collects all sorts of junk he just finds lying around on the streets. Even peoples skips. He shoves it all in the garden. He's become far worse since retiring a few years ago. 

We decided to have a massive clear out of all his junk. We couldn't believe some of the items. A bunch of TO LET signs (for houses). WTF. Not a single sign, but a COLLECTION??

We also found a GATE he had probably taken from a skip. 

We found taps too. I remember one night he was coming home from the pub around midnight. he was dropped off by a friend outside our house. Instead of walking in to the house, he just walked down the road. 

He then arrived a few mins later with a huge tap in his hand a bit like this one :|

When we had our kitchen re-done last year, he didn't want to throw the 30 year old cooker away. He placed it in the garden.

He also put the 30 year old worktop in the garden and used it as a random shelf against the shed. All it did was gather leaves adn spiders and snails. 

He's put up random wooden poles along the left and right of our garden and connected string between them so we can use them as extra clothes lines :|

We gathered all the junk and put it in the middle of our small garden, ready to dump in to a skip once it arrives:

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